24 LAW

24 LAW is a full service commercial practice, which combines the varied expertise, experiences and ideas of its lawyers and consultants to ensure that its clients individually receive excellent bespoke services.


24 LAW’s mission is to be the top legal practice in Nigeria and West Africa by ensuring that its select clientele consistently receive distinct attention with the assurance of confidentiality, commitment and expertise.


We partner with our clients through thick and thin providing the solutions and legal support necessary to achieve objectives, goals and ambitions.


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Construction and Real Estate


Our Construction and Real Estate department works closely with consultants who are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) UK towards ensuring best international practices.



Corporate Practice


Our corporate practice enjoys a standard offering of contract review and preparation, injunctions, enforcement of international decisions (both court and arbitration) and the prosecution or defence of commercial disputes.


Dispute Resolution


24 LAW’s dispute resolution services are available through the range of our practice areas. The services are subdivided into 1) contentious and 2) non-contentious services. This ensures that clients’ needs receive the solution particularly required to serve their ends and objectives.



Oil and Gas


On behalf of its clients 24 LAW liaises with the Department of Petroleum Resources on a number of matters including but not limited to licenses, permits, local content and other statutory compliance, etc.