Construction and Real Estate


We provide specialist advice on construction procurement methods including but not limited to traditional building procurement, architect led constructions, design and build, public private partnerships, concessions, etc. Our familiarity and expertise with standard building contracts (e.g. JCT, FIDIC, NEC3, etc.) particularly ensure that our offerings are world class and adaptable to local Nigerian needs.


24 LAW is well experienced in the preparation of claims (e.g. applications for extension of time, acceleration, delay and disruption, prolongation, etc.) for Time / Money and in appraising / defending /responding to Time / Money claims.


24 LAW also advises on real estate investments and acquisitions, conveyance, financing, leases, property management and construction dispute resolution.


We are equipped with a highly specialized resource databank ensuring our readiness to immediately support infrastructure transactions of whatever kind. We give cost effective and time saving advice to our clients and ensure that concerns regarding title, tax implications and financial arrangements are addressed in the most discreet, prudent and convenient manner.


Our Construction and Real Estate department works closely with consultants who are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) UK towards ensuring best international practices.