Dispute Resolution


24 LAW’s dispute resolution services are available through the range of our practice areas. The services are subdivided into 1) contentious and 2) non-contentious services. This ensures that clients’ needs receive the solution particularly required to serve their ends and objectives.


1. Contentious:

Our contentious dispute resolution services fall into two general categories - civil and criminal and are available throughout the gamut of our practice. These services are litigation, arbitration and mediation. Our knowledge and membership of such international bodies as the International Bar Association, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, England and Wales and Scottish Branches, coupled with close working relationships with law firms in the UK, USA and Asia ensures that we are able to provide these services both locally and internationally.


2. Non-contentious:

Skills in negotiation and mediation particularly equip us with capacity to successfully explore alternatives to more contentious dispute resolution methods like litigation and arbitration. Clients requiring this service are able to rely on our commitment to client satisfaction towards ensuring that all outcomes are satisfactory.